Ellie Potts

A travel-happy writer, copywriter, marketer, and poet, who functions on caffeine and optimism.

Arkbound Foundation is stoked to be oak-ing again!

In this member blog, Ellie Potts, coordinator at Partnership member Arkbound, shares details of their returning ‘Oakupy’ project after the success of last year. Find out how you can help them plant more trees this winter.

We (Arkbound Foundation) are so excited to announce our tree planting project is back for another year!

You may have seen ‘The Oakupy Project’ on one of our previous blogs on Bristol Green Capital but in case you missed it…

Last winter, we offered native oak trees free of ch

Ellie Potts

Finalist for the Bath Novel Awards Silk Prize for outstanding achievement in fiction for LIFE IN THE FASLANE

I’m a travel-happy writer, copywriter, marketer, and poet, who functions on caffeine and optimism.

At present, I work as a project coordinator for the Arkbound Foundation, a Bristol-based publishing charity. We support those from disadvantaged backgrounds to break into the writing and publishing industry.

In this role, I manage book publicity, build connections with our authors, comple

UWE Music Centre: Philip Harper - Transforming Futures

'Transforming Futures' was commissioned by the UWE Centre for Music celebrate the launch of UWE Bristol's 2030 strategy. The full 10-minute work will be performed in the academic year 2021/22. The music is written by Philip Harper, a graduate of Bristol University. The libretto is written by Ellie Potts, currently a student of Creative and Professional Writing at the University of the West of England.

The work is dedicated to the story of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, his iconic suspension bridge, t

Safe on the Streets – An Ode to Recent Events

Ellie Potts is a Third Year Creative and Professional Writing Student and this years Vice President. Chloe Smith is a Third Year Creative and Professional Writing Student and this years Lifestyle Editor. Featured Image is Alley Street Night by PublicDomainPicture of Pixabay.

Sarah Everard was murdered for walking home alone. Murdered by a policeman. Murdered by someone employed to keep people safe.

We walk home and we are scared. We poke keys through the spaces between our fingers, check over

Meaning and Motivations: An Interview with Katie Scott on Her Short Film ‘Constructing Femininity’.

Ellie Potts is a Third Year Creative and Professional Writing Student and this years Vice-President. Featured Images are by Katie Scott.

On the 13th and 14th March 2021, Bristol Women’s Voice teamed up with The Cube Cinema to create Through Her Eyes, an International Women’s Day short film stream.

The event showcased short films from local female creatives. With titles such as ‘Terminated, Teeth and Tinder’, ‘Borders’, ‘Shit Talk’ and ‘Red Burqa’, the film stream was rich with diversity: in ex

Tree Triumph! The Oakupy Project 2020 is a success

Ellie Potts is The Oakupy Project Coordinator with Partnership member, Arkbound Foundation. Below she shares the success of Arkbound Foundation’s recent tree planting project.

This summer, we were made aware of the alarming 750,000 oak trees that were due to be destroyed if nurseries could not sell them.

Based on the fantastic initiative created and circulated by Extinction Rebellion, we decided to run our own tree-saving scheme ‘The Oakupy Project’. This project, completed in December, saw 1,

Public Service Announcement: New Dark and Daring Music From Bristol Band, HEKA

HEKA are back with their brand new track, Umami.

Released on the 25th of November, HEKA have paired breathy yet powerful vocals alongside strong, seductive instrumentals. The result? A dark synth pop, come alt-rock dream in only three minutes and ten seconds.

As it is their last release of the year, we thought it was time to check back in with our Bristol favourites. Speaking to HUB, on behalf of HEKA, lead singer, Anton, chats about their new track Umami, alongside all things identity and ins

The Confessions of a Bike Commuter

You click your helmet closed with one hand as you bang the front door shut with the other. After all, why should you be the only one awake at 8.30am?

You wrestle your bike from the shed and stand holding either handlebars. You shut your eyes and tilt your head towards the morning sun. If you are commuting correctly, the tip of your nose should be almost at freezing temperature, perhaps slightly wet like that of a healthy Great Dane.

You take one huge swing of your right leg and mount your bike

Exhibition: Amak Mahmoodian’s Zanjir is a world away from Bristol

Amak Mahmoodian’s photography exhibition Zanjir (translating to chain) opened in January and is running until the 22nd of March at Arnolfini in Bristol. The exhibition focuses on aspects that are on opposite ends of the spectrum of human existence. For example, Mahmoodian’s images link the past with the present, life with death, and bring closeness where there is distance.

Entering the exhibition through two sets of ceiling-high curtains printed with Mahmoodian’s rolling desert scene, you are i

UWE Climbing’s wet weekend

The UWE climbing society held its first trip of the academic year from the 15-17th of November in North Wales.

Laden with sleeping bags, roll mats, harnesses, helmets, and equipped with more snacks than your average supermarket, the members piled into three minibuses and an equipment van and set out on our four-hour journey.

When we arrived, we found that the outdoor climbing would, unfortunately, be at a minimum due to the unexpectedly rainy weather. However, lots of scrambling replaced Satur

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